Wangan Sheep @ Gamuso, January 25th 2014


I don’t have much to say about this Wangan Sheep show except that it was awesome and was unite possibly one of the best and busiest nights in Gamuso for a long time.

Comprising 4 members who are all well known for their own respective music projects, Wangan Sheep come together to produce a brand of tight yet grimy, garage rock mixed in with a dose of rap from vocalist Hiro/.  Guitarist Reds☆ personified rock n roll cool, while bassist Ryo-ta rocked his long blue hair about like a mad thing.  Stealing the show from the back was drummer CHARGEEEEE whose energy and ferocious drumming made him almost impossible to get a clear shot of.


Definitely a band to check out.

Check out more from them here:

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One thought on “Wangan Sheep @ Gamuso, January 25th 2014

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