Lillies, Temples and a belated New Year

One upon a time, maybe about a year ago, I seemed to have more time to do stuff.  That stuff was mostly messing about with textures in Photoshop, and it was immensley time-consuming, as I spent most of my time waiting for the aging Power Book to creak into action everytime I wanted something resized, or a layer added.  This aging beast is still what I’m working with now, which is why I’ve given up on post-production flights of fancy for the time being.  One day, one day, the six-day working week will pay-off and get me a new computer – but not right now.

I had this brilliant idea a few weeks ago that for Chinese New Year I’d post a couple of pictures on the theme of China.  Well, work got in the way and I missed it.  But I today thought “What the hell” and despite the tardiness have decided to post them.

So, first up, from Yokohama’s Chinatown courtesy of the Holga, and sporting a bit of lens flare:

Kodak Ektachrome


Following on from that, a couple of shots from Xiamen in China, where I spent the day in April last year, clambering up a small mountain and then down again; meeting a cool teenage girl called Lucky Star who was rocking some amazing electric-blue Converse high-tops; sampling an delicious 12-course  vegetarian feast laid on by the monks at the Nenputokuji Temple complex; assisting in taking pictures of three-legged toy horses against urban backdrops; laughing hysterically in the back of a taxi, and narrowly avoiding death at the hands of the local traffic. I’d tell you all about it in detail but it was one of those days where you had to be there, so I’ll spare you the incomprehension.

Textured Temple

The original photo needed a bit of help, so I laid a texture over the top, which helped add a bit of colour to the otherwise pallid and overcast sky, and brought out the blue-tones of the curlicued temple roofs.

And finally, I ran this last photo through a Gaussian Blur filter to give it a slightly dreamier quality:







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