Cameraman Blues

I haven’t posted for a while, I know, but I have the very good excuse of having gone back to school.

However, I am still making time for photography.  Last Friday I had a great time at the Kiryuu gig in Shibuya’s O-East.  The band were really great fun, though from my point of view shooting was rather hellish.  I’ll tell you all about it when the review goes live, but lets just say that getting nutted and slapped in the back of the head by obliviously headbanging fans throwing themselves over the barrier is not the way I like to take photos!  The perils of the job, I guess.

I also photographed one of Tokyo’s hottest and hardest-gigging bands, The Mootekkis a couple of weeks back.  The venue was pretty tiny – Akasaka’s Crawfish – but there were a tonne of people packed in, and the lighting was better than I’ve been able to shoot them in before.  Alas, I wasn’t too happy with the photos I got.  I actually thought that the one’s someone took using Instagram surpassed those of mine – it’s all about the atmosphere, which I’m not totally sure I captured at that show.  I guess that’s a good excuse to get my butt down to another show.


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