FEST VAINQUEUR at the Ikebukuro Black Hole, 18th May

Fest Vainqueur’s Tomo

The Ikebukuro Black Hole is rather befitting of its name – an intimate venue which tips between fan heaven and potential death trap depending on how many handbags and shoes litter the floor. It’s a regular venue on the up-and-coming band circuit, plastered with band posters, and littered with falsh-eyelash-sporting, sweet-smelling young ladies whose hair has a tendency to get everywhere when they mosh, including behind people’s contact lenses.

Drummer, Kazi was in possession of another great smile.

On this particularly occasion the venue was sold-out – Fest Vainqueur were playing thier last Tokyo live show with guitarist Tomo and there were to be a few tears shed before the end of the night, none the least mine, though for entirely different reasons.  There’s no room to photograph at the front of the stage, so in the past I’ve stood up next to the sound stage to see over the crowd.  On this particular occasion I had to make do with standing on a beer crate until I was turfed off of that and left to fend for myself 6 inches below the nearest audience member.  I cursed random strangers, I cursed myself for not wearing my platform high-heels, but mostly I cursed not buying that step-ladder the last time I thought about it.

Lead singer, Hal

I was wondering what to do with myself for a moment and then remembered the swivelling screen on my camera.  So, I spent the rest of the show performing a time-consuming procedure of: raise camera above head, compose using live view, focus, switch to viewfinder, take as many photos as possible, drop, check and repeat.  I felt like a bit of an idiot, but I was pretty happy with some of the pictures I finally came home with. The moral of the story is – get a stepladder.  Now.

Read the live report and see the rest of the photos here at Rokkyyuu Magazine.


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