Inferiority Complex – lynch.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was eagerly awaiting Wednesday’s release of the new lynch. album, “Inferiority Complex”.  I decided to treat myself to a rare thing – an actual CD purchase – and gallivanted off to Shinjuku’s Tower Records, which features a pretty good Visual Kei section.  I must say that I don’t really class lynch. in the Visual Kei genre anymore, especially after this new album.   Their sound is really something that transcends the scene and I think would them hold their own in the wider international rock and metal world. Interestingly,  a larger number of the lyrics are in English on this album and it can only hope their appeal to a wider audience.

I’ve been giving the album a good listen over the past few days, and it has come rolling in even heavier than I could have hoped.   ‘New Psycho Paralyze’ features some amazing bass runs from Akinori, channelling at time the punchy clicking sound one associates with Korn.  ‘Mirrors’ is an unrelenting number, featuring Hazuki veering between singing and guttural screaming, while drummer Asanao steals the whole show with some thunderous drum rolls.  ‘Frozen’ meanwhile, had a description  on the tip of my tongue for days with it’s guitar harmonies, which to me are reminiscent of The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen –  a nostalgic guitar sound which I eventually pinned down to appearing before in ‘This Coma’ on Lynch’s previous album, “I Believe in Me”.

The rest of the album features leanings towards more thrash elements in ‘Anima’, and the occasional nod to punk flashes through other tracks such as “They’re All Afraid”.  Providing a beautiful juxtaposition towards the end of the album, title track ‘Inferiority Complex’ finishes 3 minutes of thrashy, rock bombast with a quiet piano solo –  do be careful and remember to turn your volume down before the track finishes…

“Inferiority Complex” is lynch.’s one of their heaviest albums yet, but simultaneously provides enough variety and harmony to keep their ardent fan base happy.  Most notably is the progression lynch. continue to make in their sound – both in terms of production and musicality.  Their live shows in the summer promise to be pretty spectacular, confirmed by the fact that most of them are already sold out!

Yusuke and Akinori at Akasaka Blitz last year.
Nikon D5000 f5 1/200 ISO 6400

To mark the release of the “Inferiority Complex”, I’m throwing up an image from last years’s “Belief in Myself” tour at Akasaka’s Blitz.  I enjoyed this show so much that it was pretty difficult for me not to mosh at the side of the stage, or indeed at the front of it – thank goodness for VR on Nikon lenses.  I had not previously planned on using this one photo as Yusuke had the shadow of Akinori’s bass strap across his face, but having just got a new Mac and Photoshop CS6, the first thing I learned how to do was how to do away with unwanted shadows.  Enjoy!

Please share your thoughts on the new album in the comments below!  I’d love to hear which new song is your favourite.


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