Epic Rock Poses 3 – Guitarists Part 1

Matenrou Opera’s Anzi strikes a pose in leather AND leopard print.

In which my affectionately tongue-in-cheek overview of epic rock posing continues…

I once went on a “date” with a guitarist.  We had a a nice time talking about horror movies and rock music over coffee and then ended up in a karaoke box where he proceeded to sing L`arc en Ciel song after Exile song pitch-perfectly. I think my jaw may have hit the floor with a resounding clunk, so I was a little more than mortified when he handed me the microphone and asked me to sing.  I think I strangled out Stevie Wonder, which bombed, because for me karaoke does not happen until at least the 5th beer and the witching hour.  I handed back the microphone and encouraged him to keep singing, a request he willingly obliged.

Takaki of Deathgaze was one of my most obliging guitarists
Nikon D5000 f2.8 1/30 ISO ??

And so perhaps this perpetuates the myth of guitarists being frustrated front-men, the job of which (unless you’re Steve Vai, Slash, or Sugizo) is usually given by default to the vocalist.  As such, striking epic poses, and generally showing off seems to be what the majority of guitarists are busy doing during gigs – leaping up on to podiums to belt out a solo, pounding back and forth across the stage to rock out with the other band members, or putting their leg up on the monitor surveying the crowd –  and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I love it, for it makes good photos.  Guitarists in fact, are some of the most obliging with photographers, and I’ve had one or two occasions where they’ve held a pose long enough for me to get a good shot, keeping their eye on me until I let them know I got it.

Kiryuu`s Takemasa
f3.5 1/60 ISO ???

Guitarists would probably make excellent contemporary dancers.  They seem to have very similar physical vocabularies – self-love, impressive emoting, sex faces, and reaching off into the distance for wherever their broken heart/tortured soul has run off too.  And they both look good in leather trousers and hot pants too…

lynch.’s Yusuke

Well, maybe…

Part 2 coming soon, with less nonsense and more photos!


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