A few months ago, my stupidly talented friends Johnny and Adam invited me to join them for another group art show on the theme of Dreams.  I racked my brains for ages trying to think of something and then in the last week came up with a “painting” which is mostly layered and textured stuff in Photoshop.  Suddenly, two days before the show I had a moment of clarity, and wondered why the hell I hadn’t even thought to put in some photos.  So I dug through my archives and pulled out a few photos which continued the theme of textures and layers.

The two photos in this post are hanging up in Gamuso for the next month.  They were taken in a spiral stairwell in Yokohama near Motomachi and Yamashita Koen. Using a Holga and utilizing multiple exposures on the same negative, I rotated the camera each time I took a shot.  I then took the film out and squished it about to get the light leaks – always a slightly dangerous business, but works well if it doesn’t destroy the whole film.

Check out this short film Johnny made of the event.  If you’re eagle-eyed you’ll even catch me in the process of being tattooed.


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