BFN in Takadanobaba, Merry in Ebisu

Black Gene for the Next Scene kick things off in Takadanobaba’s Club Phrase to a furiously head banging crowd.

Black Gene for the Next Scene

Back in June, I shot the relatively new, and awkwardly entitled, Black Gene for the Next Scene  (BFN) at Club Phase in Takadanobaba.  It as another venue which found me and the other photographer standing 6 inches beneath the crowd at the back of the room, until one of the staff found us some wobbly chairs to stand on.

It was the band’s first oneman live, and the crowd threw themselves enthusiastically into the opening song as vocalist Ice took the stage in a fantastically sparkly mask.  The night proceeded on with glow rings, which created some cool light trails through some of the (unusable) photos, as well as some prolonged and confusing choreography for songs, which the crowd picked up pretty admirably.

Standing a bit above the audience I was sweating and starting to suffer from the heat until the aircon kicked in after about an hour.  10 minutes later I had a sore throat and then spent pretty much the rest of the week bed-ridden and fever-wracked after developing a throat, sinus and ear-infection.  So, I now associate BGN with intense pain, which is probably not the best way to remember them.

Check out more live shots and gig review here.


Just at the end of August, I was asked to review Merry for Rokkyuu Magazine.  It was rather unusual to go to a gig and not be photographing, but I successfully swapped my camera trigger-finger for some furiously hand-written and mostly illegible notes which seemed to say “punk” and “crotch” a lot.  You’d probably not be surprised to find that those words crop up quite a lot in the vocabulary of Rokkyuu staff.

It was a great show – infectiously energetic, surreal and entertaining.  I’ve been describing vocalist Gara as my favourite lunatic frontman – bunny masks, phallically wielded smoke machines, and writhing around in a his boy-corset.  What’s not to love?

You can read all about it here.  Please check it out and let me know what you think!

BGN guitarist Toki spotted the camera at the end of the set.


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