[MU:] at Shibuya Rex

[MU:] opening their show with “[Rama:yana]” at Shibuya Rex

On September 23rd, I headed out to Shibuya Rex on behalf of JaMe magazine to shoot [MU:], a recently formed band holding their first one-man live show  [MASTER OF UNIVERSE01] after a summer touring around Japan.  Rex is a new venue for me, so I was relieved in having brought my stepladder with me, as I spent most of the night shooting from the back of the hall on it.  I took a brief wander through the crowd to get some closer shots, but it’s a perilous exercise is avoiding handbags, feet, and those unwilling to budge – batting your eyelashes and smiling sweetly doesn’t work on girls.  I’ve already spoken about the dangers of concussion at the hands of ardent fans, so you’d be unsurprised to find I ended up gluing myself to the wall  during one song, slightly in fear for my camera’s life (and for my long-term memory), while the crowd leapt from on side of the hall to the other.

The band put on an excellent show – dramatic and visually interesting, heavy and melodic. [MU:] pull together an eclecticism in their music which might jar with other bands: from the more tribal aspects of opening song “[Rama:yana]”, through electronica and beyond, with singer Aika demonstrating an impressive vocal range to match.  Comprised of experienced musicians, [MU:] demonstrate a musical maturity and ability that should be the envy of other bands, and which will certainly have me heading out to see them live again in the future.  With dates upcoming in November and December, those in Tokyo will have plenty of opportunity to see them in action.

Check out more photos, and the JaMe live report.

Check out the [MU:] website.

Check out PVs  on “[MU:]Tube”.


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