Ghouls, Zombies and Sugar Skull Princesses – Halloween Mug Shots

6 years ago when I arrived in Japan, I don’t recall Halloween being much of a big thing.  Of course, I was living in my sub-zero mountain cocoon at the time, so the emphasis was on the practicalities of avoiding chilblains, and less on the costumes.  I did once dressed my class of elementary school kids up in Christopher Walken masks for Halloween, one little girl laughing maniacally as she chopped the mask shape out of some A4 card. That was an unsettling lesson…

Nowadays, Halloween seems to have caught on much more, and so if you go to Shibuya on a Saturday night, you can see a barrage of wacky and weird costumes being sported. have an awesome collection of photos from Saturday night, which you can see here.

Meanwhile, here’s my own collection of miscreants  I’ve collected the past year or two.  I like to get in tight for these photos; use some vignetting to make the faces pop; find some nice light to get the shadows.  Lubricating people with alcohol also helps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It’s all got rather adventuresome and insane in the looking-glass lately, so there’s plenty of good stuff coming up in the next few weeks.


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