A Study in Hot Pink – Serial⇔NUMBER at Ikebukuro Edge

Iza and Yui

I first photographed Serial⇔NUMBER in September last year at Ikebukuro’s Black Hole.  They are an infectiously poppy band with a fan base who seem to mainline caffeine before each gig.  There’s lots of furi (振り付け [furitsuke] – choreographed hand-movements), lots of bouncing, and a lot of kissing going on – and that’s just between the band members.

This time at Ikebukuro’s Edge, it was lead singer Jin’s birthday and the crowd were in an excitable state, with plenty of Lolita-esque dresses, puffy skirts and immaculately curled hair, providing ample padding when the crowd later started hurling themselves at the barrier.  For such an o-share band, Serial⇔NUMBER definitely run the gauntlet of blood-letting and severe contusions with some of their audience’s choreography.

The line-up for the band was different to last time I saw them, when Mihiro (guitar) and Iza(bass) made their debut.  At this show, second guitarist Yui and drummer Fumiya joined the band.  Iza and Yui seemed to be having a great time together on stage, and their chemistry made for some great shots.  Yui and Jin were also very obliging when it came to photos.  Though I was shooting from the back for most of the show I walked down to the front for a while to catch some closer shots of the band. Both band members were kind enough to pause and pose for the camera when they spotted me.

After the encore, the band came back on stage in gloriously pink outfits, in the style of a “Barbie Host Club”, should such a thing exist (and I secretly hope it does).  The garish tones made for some great photos, as the lighting changed to suit the exuberant outfits donned by the band.

You can read the full report and see more photos here.


*           *           *

In other news, I had the chance to review Ninjaman Japan for Rokkyuu last month.  This surreal mixture of glam-ninja outfits and classic hair-metal makes for one hell of a show.  The write-up pushed my adjective word-hoard to the limit.  If you’re in the UK this forthcoming weekend, be sure to check out the Hyper Japan event at Earl’s Court where Ninjaman Japan will be appearing.

If you need a taste of what’s to come, check out this video:


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