Zoo at Planet K, Kichijoji

Zoo at Planet K, November 24th 2012

Zoo at Planet K, November 24th 2012

When you can’t see the real thing, the closest you can get to Luna Sea may be Zoo.  As Luna Sea conclude the 2012 portion of their “End of the Dream” tour next week at Zepp Tokyo, I thought it would be a good time to post these photos from this cover band’s recent gig in Kichijoji.

Zoo is fronted by my good friend Mana (watch this space for more with her in the future), whose unique and powerful voice is a perfect match to Luna Sea songs. I’ve only ever seen Mana play acoustic solo performances, but I remember thinking the first time I saw her sing that her voice would be perfect for a rock band.  Understandably, I jumped at the rare chance to see this band play, and I took my camera with me.

It was a rocking, if too short, set and I was really pleased that I got to see Mana and her exuberant band mates in action. Here are some of my favourite pictures from their show.


1) Jesus

2) Shade

3)Deja vu

4) Slave

5) Rosier


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