Vorchaos at Kichijoji Crescendo



I had the very good fortune of coming across Vorchaos a couple of months ago at Shinjuku Marz, where they were playing an event with some other great heavy metal bands.  For me, Vorchaos stole the whole show that night.  This performance, and when I shot them at Crescendo in Kichijoji on December 8th, demonstrated what it takes for a band to take to the stage and enthuse the entire audience.  As has been mentioned elsewhere, this is band with five rock stars in it, and each of them brings their own passion, energy and very necessary aggression to the songs and their execution.  Not only that, their blend of  thrash, metalcore and rock makes them very much a facet of the current metalcore zeitgeist.

Vorchaos released their first single at the beginning of this year.  “not ONLY ONE” presents three tracks which give a nice taste of just what Vorchaos are capable of.  “Chaos Core” is a charging number with a great backing chorus with vocalist Jun veering between his superb guttural  death vocals and soaring clean singing voice.   “Unchange the World” begins with a more balladic feel to it, with a softer guitar-led opening and gentle lyrics, before the song launches into heavier riffs.  Juxtaposing the two makes for a melodic yet powerful intermission before “テクノブレイク”(Technobreak) takes things back into the depths, driven along by an onslaught of drums which sets an unrelenting pace for the whole number.  Even heavier breakdowns, perfect for some headbanging, pepper the song and guitarist Kaz is given plenty of opportunity to display his shredding skills.  Overall, it’s a captivating sample of what Vorchaos are about and leaves you sated but hooked.

Vorchaos are definitely a band to keep an eye on in the future, and we’re waiting in anticipation to see what 2013 brings.

Check out the gallery below for more photos.


Vorchaos next play Kichijoji Crescendo January 13th 2013 – [Angers vs Vorchaos “Beauty and the Beast”].


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