Sunrise on Koh Samui

Sunrise on Ko Samui

Sunrise on Ko Samui

As the final day of 2012 draws to a close with a good dose of growling, screaming and corpse paint in a basement venue in Shinjuku, I thought I’d post one of my favourite pictures from this year.

I’ve taken thousands of photos this year, but this is a rare one as it features neither Japan nor musicians. The photo was taken on Ko Samui island in Thailand this summer. I had to get up at 5am for three days in a row to get this picture and though the photo is a reward in itself, the early morning serenity on the beach was another.

This is actually an HDR photo composed of three frames bracketed at different levels and layered over each other using Photomatix, so what you see is pretty much what my eyes saw.

I’m going incommunicado for the next week as I disappear off to yet another tropical island for some much needed rest after the musical frenzy of December. Before I go though, I need to give a very heartfelt thanks to all at Rokkyuu and Jame for asking me to shoot and write for them, and to all the bands who have posed and interviewed for me. It has been an awesome year and I look forward to doing even more of it in 2013.

Catch you all next year!!


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