Izumi Ookawara at Saravah, Shibuya



Izumi has been a drinking buddy of mine for a while, and while I knew she was a singer, I had never had the chance to see her live.  Izumi is most well-known from her 90s Shibuya-kei band Qypthone.  Shibuya-kei, for the unfamiliar, is a style of pop music that is very groovy and bossa-nova inspired – one of the most famous bands in this kei being Pizzicato Five – and Izumi’s set was very much in this vein.

Izumi had played a very small pre-gig gig the week before, so I went along to shoot and she asked me to come along to the real show on February 26th and take some photos.  So, here you are.  It was a very fun show, and I hope we get to see Izumi live  bit more often in the future!




2 thoughts on “Izumi Ookawara at Saravah, Shibuya

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