Gyze at Shinjuku Head Power

My favourite shot of the show.

My favourite shot of the show.

I came across Gyze late last year.  They were handing out flyers outside a Crossfaith/lynch./Merry gig I had been to in Shibuya, and I somehow managed to get fliers from all three of them as I walked down the street.  Taking this as a sign, I stopped drummer Shuji and asked him exactly what sort of band Gyze were.  “Heavy metal,” he replied.  “Awesome,” I thought, and made a note to get round to seeing them.  It took nearly 5 months, but finally I managed to shoot the melodic death metallers last weekend when they were playing an event with a few other bands, including Myproof (more to come with them soon), in Okubo.

Gyze were unusual to shoot for me in that there are only three of them. With Shogo and Ryoji on vocal duties as well as wielding guitars, they are pretty static for half the set.  When they do get the chance to rock out though, they do make for some good photos:

Gyze will be releasing an album later in the year, which is being produced by Ettore Rigotti of Italian melodic death metal band, Disharmonia Mundi.  (Incidentally, you really should check out Disharmonia Mundi’s cover of the “My Neighbour Totoro” theme tune).

I will definitely be going to check Gyze out more often in the future, and I’m looking forward to their album adding to an already exciting year ahead for metal in Tokyo.


Gyze will be playing their next show at Kichijoji Crescendo on June 1st.

In the meantime, check out the Gyze website at: and go “like” them on Facebook too.


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