Myproof at Shinjuku Antiknock



If I was going to give myself a stage name, it would probably by after a Greek goddess, but Myproof’s vocalist Thor has gone the Nordic route. The moniker is rather fitting to a band who deliver a pleasing blast of deathy growls, duelling guitars and thunderous drumming. The melodic death metal band were playing with Gyze at Head Power when I decided it was about time I asked to shoot them.  They played the following week in the packed out Antiknock in Shinjuku on May 1st, with Vorchoas and a host of other metal bands.  It was a a great show, and I particularly enjoy Thor’s maniacal expression.

Check out the photos in the gallery below.

Myproof are currently touring about Japan and will be heading over to South Korea in June for a couple of dates in Seoul. Go check ’em out!

Peruse the Myproof website here:


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