Distorted Veins at Koenji Den Atsu


Distorted Veins are a Tokyo-based metal band with influences including Tool, Korn, Soulfly and Deftones.  Needless to say, they are growly and heavy and never keep still – jump-shots abounded!  I have quite a thing for hair at the moment, so was quite happy that they had plenty of it and threw it about accordingly.

With their gig being in the dim confines of Koenji’s Den Atsu on June 13th it was a bit difficult to get crisp, well-lit shots, but I think the darkness adds a little something to the mood of the images.

Distorted Veins have just launched their website: http://distortedveins.wix.com/distortedveins.

They’ll be back at Den Atsu in July.  Check out the website for more information!



One thought on “Distorted Veins at Koenji Den Atsu

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