Wing Works @ Shibuya O-West, August 16th 2013



Back in August, I was asked to shoot Wing Works’ first one-man show at Shibuya’s O-West.  Wing Works is a new band comprising RYO:SUKE as lead singer, accompanied at different shows by the musicians he likes to call his Wingmen.  There seem to be quite a lot of them to choose from – every show I’ve seen fliers for has a different line-up.

I seem to spend quite a lot of my time at O-West, so I’ve developed my favourite places to shoot from – mainly the nice podium at the back of the hall which puts you about 18 inches above the crowd.  Sadly for me that day the show was being filmed, so the video cameras had my spot.  Nevertheless, I managed to get some nice shots of the band.

It was quite a bright show in terms of lighting, something I don’t really expect, so a lot of the images came out pretty saturated with colour and light.  Contrasting those with some vignettes and darkening the shadows made for some nice contrast.

Rokkyuu was there to report back on the event.  You can check out the show here:



I was talking to someone the other week and she said: “I haven’t had an email from your blog for a while.” First of all, it was nice to meet a subscriber to my blog, and secondly, apologies for the gap in updating – life has rather got away from me the past month or two.


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