Ninjaman Japan @ Takadanobaba Phase, 6th June 2013


Another one from the vaults this, but with a timely purpose.

On June 6th, Rokkyuu were covering Ninjaman Japan‘s one-man show and I was asked to come down again and shoot them. VK Cheshire Cat Pinky had recently announced a sudden departure from the band, and new member Dewey was drafted in a matter of weeks before Ninjaman Japan would be playing in Paris.

NMJ6_12-2-2As usual, Ninjaman Japan provided a theatrical opening followed by their classic metal repertoire.  In the night’s performance , the band were rehearsing with Dewey (who suffers both on-stage and off, it seems, from having a name many struggle to get right).  At the end of rehearsal Dewey is paid in bananas and the rest of the band take off.  Leaving any member of NMJ by themselves is a open-invitation for the nefarious plotting of the Black Satan Devils to take hold.  Dewey, enticed but not one banana but an entire suitcase of them, innocently swaps sides  and dons the all-black uniform of NMJ’s arch-enemies.  This doesn’t go down very well with the rest of the sentai-ninja metallers, and a whole load of high-kicking and round-housing goes on before NMJ successfully get their new drummer back.

NMJ Lida Wasshoi!It was, as usual, a hilarious theatrical performance and an even more rocking musical set from one of the most unique acts on the VK scene.  If you happen to be at one of their shows, you can pick up a copy of the June 6th performance on DVD.  In fact, you might even recognise some of the images on the front cover.

It’s a pleasure to see my photos being put to good use and I hope to be catching them again in December when the band will be headlining a very unusual 4-man show.  Members of Ninjaman Japan will be performing with their other bands at the same venue – Sarino’s Annie’s Black, Lida’s SIXX FOURTEEN and Daishi’s [MU:]  – on December 26th at Ikebukuro Edge.

Ninjaman Japan will also be releasing their third mini-album in  2014, so look out for more from them in January next year!



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