GYZE @ Kichijoji Crescendo, January 12th 2014

Gyze 12_01_14-15Last time I shot Gyze was back last year at Shinjuku Headpower.  I’m not sure what happened to them between then and now but the Gyze who played at Crescendo on January 12th were a completely different beast to the ones I saw last year.  Perhaps releasing their  album “Fascinating Violence” has had something to do with it.  Collaborating with Ettore Rigotti has most definitely put a more extreme spin on the melodic death metal the band were playing before and they seem to have become a much more self-assured bunch both musically and in terms of performance.

Gyze 12_01_14-2

I commented last time that the band had seemed a little static at the Headpower show, but this was most definitely not the case this time, with the band bounding about the stage and engaging the audience all the way through the show.  Drummer Shuji put on an almost show-stealingly intense performance as he blasted away at his drum kit with an ease that made things look effortless.

Gyze 12_01_14-7

Gyze will be playing around Japan for the next couple of months before performing in South Korea on March 29th.  Check `em out!




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