The Mootekkis @ Gamuso, Asagaya, January 18th 2014


Over a beer the other week, The Mootekkis’ singer Mike asked me to come along and shoot the party celebrating the bands first album, “Heckling the Dawn”. As it turns out,  some of the tracks on the CD were being laid down the night I spent with them when I interviewed the band back in 2012.  The recording process has been a long one, but the finished item is well worth a listen and definitely worth seeing played live.

The show was a packed out event, featuring appearances from beat boxers The Bmons, Bitter Haze and a rather startling and unexpected appearance from kawaiicore act Ladybeard – who deserves a post all of his own. The place was filled with people squeezing up the stairs to try and get onto the third floor live space to catch the band in action and there was plenty of dancing and grooving going on during the set.

Gamuso is a tiny space, and The Mootekkis could have played a bigger venue, but something about the  sweaty confines of the bar and the slightly dodgy PA sits well with their boozy, guitar-fuelled brand of garage rock.

I don’t normally use flash at live shows – it annoys the musicians and the audience – but the venue is so underlit that myself and the other photographers  had no choice but to crack out the speed lights. In the end, they didn’t come out too badly.


You can download The Mootekkis’ new album “Heckling the Dawn” via Bandcamp, for however much you want to pay, for a limited time only:  You can also pick up the CD at any of their forthcoming shows.  

Check the gallery below for some of my favourite shots of the night.


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