Ladybeard Dropkicks The Year In @ Gamuso, January 18th 2014

Lady Beard-3There’s some weird stuff that’s gone on in Gamuso in the past – blood-letting; fried mice; what may, or may not, have been people actually having sex whilst wearing horse heads on stage – but that all seems to have calmed down somewhat in the past few years.  Then along comes the Mootekkis show and I’m standing there shooting when my eye is caught by a semi-nude dude pulling faces at the camera from the stairs leading up to the 4th floor. So, always on the hunt for flesh, I wander upstairs to find these two guys in wrestling outfits lurking about being muscly and comical. Ladybeard  (right) is a “pro-wrestler, heavy metal vocalist, party rocker and 24 hour photo opportunity” who started pro-wrestling in Hong Kong back in 2009 and in the time since has become what can only be described as a “kawaii-core” act mixing cross-dressing, Japanese pop, death-growls and body slams into a brief but hilarious show. Having appeared in Japan two years ago, his show last week was the first since he returned and it was certainly a sight to behold. I’m not sure what the audience was expecting after three songs which went from かわいい (cute) to こわい (scary) within the space of 4 bars, but I’m pretty certain a guy in a luchador mask kicking Ladybeard’s ass across the 3rd floor and smashing a painting over his head was not it.  What I wasn’t expecting was being yanked out of the way by organiser and saviour of camera lenses and faces, Johnny, as Lady Beard’s adversary was flipped across the stage at me.  So I missed the shot with the art smashing as I was pulling myself together in the corner by the DJ booth. His brief 20 minute set was perfectly timed – just enough cuteness, acrobatics and death growls to keep everyone from the back of the room shouting “Ladybeard ちょかわいい!!” You can catch some more next month on February 15th at Gamuso. As Ladybeard himself says: Sing! Dance! Destroy! Website: You can also check out Ladybeard’s chat with Johnny and Shank on Got Faded Japan, here:


3 thoughts on “Ladybeard Dropkicks The Year In @ Gamuso, January 18th 2014

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