Vaiwatt @ Ogikubo Club Doctor, April 6th 2014

















I first came across Vaiwatt at the Wangan Sheep show in January  though I didn’t really speak to them much as I busy chinwagging with someone about Japanese hard- and metalcore.  To be honest, I got a bit blasted after I shot Wangan Sheep that night, so there were a few people who spoke to me at the Vaiwatt show earlier this month who I had no memory of meeting but who seemed to know me, which was…worrying.

I actually bumped into Tama and Ken walking down the street one night a few weeks after the January show and they stopped me and said: “Hey, you’re that photographer!”  And I said, “Yes, I am that photographer…”  and what with one thing and another I ended up at their show shooting the band.

They’re an unusual breed of punk band in that they have a DJ instead of a drummer.  Billing themselves as electro punk rock’n roll they have a great deal of stage energy and an equally enthusiastic crowd.












2 thoughts on “Vaiwatt @ Ogikubo Club Doctor, April 6th 2014

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