D.O.G.S – Dark Tunnel EP Review

DOGs-0088D.O.G.S are a bit of a trip down the anguished lanes of grunge, making you want to dig out some plaid and maybe even a bit of teenage angst to go with it. On their new EP, distorted guitars and pained, graveled roars from Koji conjure up Days of the New’s Travis Meeks on opener “Dark Tunnel” which begins with a quiet anticipatory bassline before the catchier main tune kicks in.

Steeped in American alternative-rock influences, second track “Complainer” leads with a grim, garage-rock vibe that wouldn’t be out of place in the same metaphorical dives The Mootekkis frequent. Inspired by a whining co-worker, the song communicates the annoyance of spending time with negative attitudes, cathartically turning the whole  experience into a punchy 4 minutes of roaring. Meanwhile, the final 3 tracks take on quieter, calmer tones, with “Alone” and “Home” running through disotorted whimsical adventure to riled-up ballad. “Silence Scream” closes out, veering between softer, sleepier lulls and soul-tearing gutturals.

Whilst it’s tempting to keep making comparisons, the mastering of the “Dark Tunnels” EP creates a depth and warmth the band’s musical forebears lacked in their stripped-down productions. The result is well-executed, a kind of sinking-into-late-night soundtrack that should involve cushions and whiskey. Well-worth checking out.



Photos taken at Gamuso, April 2014.


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