Izumi Ookawara @ Kichijoji Star Pines Cafe, April 17th 2014


I shot Izumi last year at O-West when she really got the opportunity to shine  for 5 minutes with Iga Bang BB and Takeshi Nakatsuka backing her up.  So when she told me she had another gig coming up on April 17th – with a big band supporting – I was excited to see what she would be like having a whole set to herself, rather than her fleeting appearance at the Beat Communist show last year.

Being used to the sweaty, smoky confines of rock and metal live houses, the Star Pines Cafe in Kichijoji made for a pleasant change – tables and chairs, table service from the bar staff, and a wonderful second-floor seating area in a surprisingly cavernous space for somewhere so low-key.  And the lighting was great, which made me very happy. Perhaps the only downside was that the poor percussion was pretty impossible to shoot, sitting behind the wind section in the dark for most of the show – sorry, percussion guys.

It was a nice change of pace for me – no potential concussions ; no precariously teetering over the crowd on a ladder; and I got to enjoy a night of groovy bossa-nova inspired aural delights from the lovely Izumi.

Check out more photos below!



7 thoughts on “Izumi Ookawara @ Kichijoji Star Pines Cafe, April 17th 2014

  1. Great pictures! I really like Izumi’s music when she was with Qypthone and it’s good to see her playing live. I’ll have to check her show out the next time I’m in Tokyo. -CG42

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