Molotov Jukebox @ Boomtown Fair, August 8th 2014


Natalie Tena and Sam Apley, Molotov Jukebox


Boomtown Fair kicked off on Friday afternoon with a slow start (it was the Friday morning after the Thursday night before after all) before things kicked up a notch or two for Gypstep bringers of fun and sunshine Molotov Jukebox on the Town Centre stage. The band’s mixture of accordion, violin, a Latin wind section and a barrel-load of energy mixed up with sultry summery vocals made for a great pick-me-up.  As colourful on the eye as they are in sound, the London-based 6-piece put on a energetic show which had the crowd boogying about to tunes from their debut album “Carnival Flower” (which reached No.1 on the Amazon Latin chart).

It was the first time I’d come across them and I thoroughly enjoyed their set after I finished with my 3-song photo shoot.

They’ve not been to Japan yet, as far as I know, but maybe we can persuade them to bring some musical sunshine with them sometime?


Check out their website here:


My apologies to bassist Tom who is missing from the gallery.  You had your eyes closed in every single shot!  Next time, eh?


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