Shaggy @ Boomtown Fair, August 8th 2014


Anyone who grew up in the UK or US during the 1990s, or was anywhere near a radio or TV for that matter, will be aware of Shaggy.  The Grammy award-winning reggae dancehall singer is most famous for his early hits “Boombastic”, “It Wasn’t Me” and “Oh, Carolina”, the latter of which rates highly on the ear worm scale in my family.  During the run up to his set at Boomtown, tents we walked past were full of anticipation for his show on the Friday night; “Boombastic” could be heard playing in camper vans and the general vibe suggested that at least half the festival would be there to see him perform.

Things looked a bit different that evening when the rain had created a boot-suckingly thick sludge to wade through and a lot of people were getting pretty cold and wet waiting for the show to start, but the place was still packed.  I trudged through mud, ditches and hoards of expectant people to get down to the stage and stood primed for action, my camera safe under my plastic poncho as the rain battered down.  I’ve never shot in the rain, so I tried wrapping my camera in a spare poncho but gave up in the end and shot through the torrent.

After the show people seemed to be quite divided about the set.  The energy during the first three songs I shot was great down the front but I’m not sure how much the crowd, or Shaggy for that fact, were feeling it after that – the rain literally did put a dampener on things as both singer and crowd slipped around in the rain.

He does make for some nice photos though;)

Check out the gallery from the show below:



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