Takeshi Nakatsuka @ Batica, September 3rd 2014



The first time I came across Takeshi Nakatsuka was last year when he was celebrating his Beat Communist 10th anniversary at Shibuya’s O-West with a host of other acts including Izumi Ookawara and Iga-Bang BB (see that report here) behind a huge grand piano.  As opposed to that huge show, last week’s performance was an intimate and relaxed affair with about 40 or 50 people squeezing into a live space above the Batica bar in Ebisu to enjoy an evening of bossa-nova inspired tunes from Izumi, some amazing saxophone-led jazz from Shunosuke Ishikawa, and Takeshi Nakatsuka’s own brand of jazzy, swing-pop.  The three acts rotated musicians in and out, each taking on a slightly different wardrobe for the sets.  Takeshi-san’s own personal choice of Doraemon t-shirt was inspired by the robot-cat’s -98th birthday (the futuristic cat was/will be born on Sept. 3, 2112).

The evening ended with a big group photo downstairs in the bar:



Check out the following sets from the evening at the links below:

Izumi Ookawara @ Batica

Shunosuke Ishikawa @ Batica


Thanks for the fun night!

Home Page – http://www.nakatsukatakeshi.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/NAKATSUKATAKESHI


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