Tyrant of Mary @ Shibuya Cyclone, September 20th 2014


For about 3 days last week I had an earworm I couldn’t get rid of.  It was the guitar riff from Tyrant of Mary’s “Hate” and it refused to be dislodged by anything – not even Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” or “Let It Go” could remove it.  As it happened, Tyrant of Mary were playing in Shibuya on Saturday, so I took the earworm as a sign from the universe that it was about time I got round to shooting the Tokyo-based thrash metallers.

I’ve seen Tyrant of Mary a fair few times over the past year or two, mostly when they’ve been playing with Vorchaos at Kichijoji’s Crescendo.  They’re thrash style sits somewhere in 80s-90s death/thrash/speed metal to my ears and they follow the death metal habit of naming every song something dark – “Hate”, “Cockroach”, “Go to Hell”,  all liberally doused with some satanic imagery . They’re everything I like about heavy metal – catchy crushing riffs, guttural screams, interminable drum assaults, and plenty of long flying hair and devil horns.

Check them out at their forthcoming shows, which you can find out more about on their website.


  1. Hate
  2. Also Unaware of Bleeding
  3. Nero
  4. Go to Hell
  5. It’s Your Fault
  6. Fist Screwed



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