Inside Neon – Drinking with Witches Shoot

Inside Neon

Inside Neon

I last covered Inside Neon a couple of years ago when they had just reformed after a hiatus, which then became another hiatus and a change in line-up.  However, the band are back and have been working on their latest EP “Drinking with Witches” which will be celebrating its’ release with a party at Shibuya’s Ruby Room on Friday night.

Creepy Underpass - Location of the shoot.

Creepy Underpass – Location of the shoot.


Rich actually got in touch with me at the end of last year and was talking about doing a photo shoot for the new EP, but it wasn’t until the beginning  of May this year that we all got together to shoot before I left Japan for the summer.  Brainstorming beforehand, Rich and I had pretty much the same ideas for the type of image we wanted for the photographs, and when I showed him the location I had stumbled upon one rain-slick night in Hammatsucho the ideas for the shoot fell into place.

Hanging around in an underpass just after sunset was quite a lot of fun, and was challenging in that I was working with pedestrians,  one speed light on a flex-cable connected to my one umbrella, and with some quite fearsomely strong orange fluorescent lighting to contend with from the sides of the underpass. The walls of the underpass came out wonderfully grimy in the editing process, and gave the shoot a nice moody feel.  I’d been inspired by photos  I had seen of Crosses (†††), and whilst things came out a little different from that, hopefully we captured something of the gloom I was aiming for.



Check out the band’s site here: and head down to the Ruby Room this Friday night to catch them in action.

The EP will be available to download for FREE from September 26th, so be sure to check their Facebook page out as well!














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