NOFX @ Boomtown Fair, August 9th 2014

Shooting the shows I do, and very often having full-show access to the bands I shoot, I’ve never had to fight for a place in a photo pit before.  At Boomtown, back in the summer, having observed how many press pass lanyards I’d spotted over the preceding two days, I decided it would be probably be a good idea to ditch my festival buddies and go lurk around the Town Centre stage early. As it happened, I was the first photographer there, so I bopped about to punk in the photo pit while the roadies set up.

Gradually, to my left, a mass of camera lenses with humans attached congregated furtively and the security guard who’d let me in reminded me of the 3-song rule. Then 2 minutes before the show he updated that to a “one-song then get out” rule. That’s cool. I’ve done one-song shoots before, but those were longer numbers. Figuring that the average punk song clocks in at 2 minutes 30 seconds, that gave me around 70 photos if I shot one every two seconds. I got 62 and then tagged myself out for the next waiting photographer to come in.

Boomtown’s line up seemed to be catering to the slightly older crowd it attracts and so NOFX’s appearance was another welcome blast from the past after the Shaggy set the day before. The Californian punks brought a reprieve from the rain with them and played a 90 minute set of solid crowd-pleasing songs.


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