Vaiwatt @ Gamuso, Dec. 20th, 2014

Vaiwatt @ Gamuso, Dec 2014

Vaiwatt @ Gamuso, Dec 2014

Back before I left for the summer, Kentaro and Tama asked me to shoot a show in December.  This being June, I agreed to it, ran off to Spain and promptly forgot about it for two and half months.  When I returned to Japan, picked up a flier and found my name on it as official photographer, I was initially a little surprised:  “Why is my name on a flier?…Oh, right, yeah, I agreed to that.”

Having turned up a little worse for wear for drink at their January show (no, I wasn’t supposed to be shooting that night) with Wangan Sheep in January last year I managed to catch the headliners in action, but not Vaiwatt, however I did catch them a few months later at a venue just down the road.


Kicking off their set was Nana, a “violence sexy” stripper who emerged from a cloud of tulle, stalked the 3rd floor of Gamuso, selected her prey from the audience and pulled him over to a chair where he seemed to be quite happy being in receipt of a face full of boob.

This being the dark confines of Gamuso, I brought my flash for the evening, and in a bid to make things a little more interesting was experimenting with the rear-curtain flash function…with some interesting results.



Check out more shots from the show in the gallery below.

Vaiwatt will be holding the next napaJ event on April 25th 2015, so be sure to come along and check the show out!



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