Broken Life @ Koenji Den Atsu (Sept. 21st, 2015)

Broken Life at Koenji Den Atsu, Sept 21st 2015

Broken Life 

Hi there!

If you are (or were) a regular reader of this blog, you may have wondered if I had fallen off the face of the Earth these last…9 months.  First off, apologies for the absence – life seems to have rather got away with me. I’d fill you in a what I’ve been up to, but I’m saving that for a much longer read elsewhere, so stay tuned for that.  Suffice to say that at 2 o’clock this morning I was having a drunken ramble with a good friend and we were talking about this blog where I was making excuses about not having time to update it and blah blah blah. So, after listening to myself being rubbish last night,  I decided it’s time to get back on the dashboard and publish some goddamn photos.  And I have an almighty hangover. Rock n roll…or something.

Let’s start with the most recent gig and work our way back from there, because it has been an awesome year for shows and I’ve not shared any of it with you.

Broken Life are a hardcore band based in Tokyo, two of whom just happen to be lovely folks that I know (the scariest-looking ones are most often the nicest).  I shot them at Koenji’s 二万電圧, a small live house at the bottom of a set of precariously sloped stairs.  I’d rather forgotten just how small and dark the venue was when I came down to shoot. I’d also forgotten that with hardcore comes windmilling and lots of pushing and shoving, and that’s just from vocalist Ikoma, who likes to get out into the audience to cause some chaos!

Please check out the gallery below!

You can check out more information about Broken Life on Facebook:


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