GYZE @ Loudpark, Oct. 11th, 2015


At the beginning of this month, I was under the impression that I probably wasn’t going to be able to go to Loudpark.  It was a toss-up between affording to go to the wedding of two very wonderful people, or a weekend of throwing the horns and getting sore feet.  I chose the former, obviously (and not in part because it involved wearing a nice dress).  So I was very pleased when GYZE asked me to shoot them on the second day of the festival, which they would be opening up at the unholy hour of 10am.

I’ve shot in big venues before, but nothing on the scale of Saitama Super Arena, so I was looking forward to the experience of a massive music festival, especially one where I had permission to get on stage and shoot.  I shook down a few people for shooting tips at big events (thanks Matthias Hombauer), made sure all my gear was in order and steeled my nerves.

GYZE played a short 4-song set – which isn’t actually that short when you’re talking melodic death metal songs – and it was great to see that a large number of people had shown up to support them so early in the day – they even got circle pits going.

Check out the gallery below for a little taste of the show, and click through to GYZE’s Facebook page for the full set in the coming days.

I also shot GYZE back in June when they played a “Name Your Price” show at Shibuya’s O-East to promote their latest album “Black Bride”.  You can check out the links below for coverage of that.

Smashing Mag:


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