Vorchaos @ Kichijoji Crescendo, Nov. 8th, 2015

Vorchaos_15_11_08-1001The last time I resorted to editing live photos into black and white was a few years ago when I shot a gig during a typhoon at which the only available light sources were red and shades on the theme of red.  It was not a good show to shoot, which is why I was initially rather resistant to the idea of converting photos from Vorchaos’ recent gig into black and white, because the lighting was OK, but just a little too dark and wishy-washy to get the crisp shots I wanted. It felt a little bit like admitting defeat.  Luckily, I had just picked up some rather handy Lightroom Presets specifically for black and white concert photography from Matthias Hombauer (go check out his website) so I figured if he can do it, so can I.

Something about black and white lends itself to candidness, so I figured a few shots from behind the band would put a different angle on things, especially as sold out shows in Crescendo don’t really allow for a multitude of vantage points from which to shoot.


Vorchaos are a band I’ve covered a lot here on this blog and they’ve been up to quite a lot this year.  Back in July,  they released their second album “Singularity” with a gig at Shibuya Cyclone, which I covered for Smashing Magazine.  They also played a show at O-West in April, which I was itching to shoot as it was a good chance to get the band in some front-lighting for a change.

Vorchaos @ Shibuya O-West, April 10th 2015

Vorchaos @ Shibuya O-West, April 10th 2015

You can check out more photos here: http://gig-photographer.com/vorchaos-2/

See some colour photos from the show on the Vorchaos homepage: http://www.vorchaos.com/live/20151108_photo/


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