December Countdown 1: Meaning


Meaning @ Liquidroom, 8 March 2015

It being the 2nd day of December, I thought it would be nice to highlight a band I worked with twice this year as I begin a sifting through photos to try and pull together my Top 10 of 2015.

I first saw Meaning a couple of years ago when they supported Killswitch Engage at Akasaka Blitz and they impressed me so much that I went out and bought their album the very next day.  Their shows are always pretty crazy, partly down to the fans being mental and partly down to vocalist Hayato, who loves risking life and limb amongst the crowd, so much so that he’s the only singer I’ve seen with a microphone cord deliberately lengthy enough to stretch to the back of a venue.  Luckily, the pink hair makes him easy to spot in a crowd.

The first show I covered was their “150 Tour” final at Ebisu’s Liquidroom, supported by post-rockers Envy, who are a band you need to check out right now.  Why not start with a review I wrote of their show for Smashing Mag:


Envy @ Liquidroom , 8 March 2016

This was followed up by a gig a few months later when Meaning played a show in a skate park out in the nether regions of Tokyo.  If you thought a regular show was a bit nuts, try seeing Meaning when there’s no barrier between fans and stage save for the curve of a half-pipe.

You can read reports from both shows at the following links:




Itabashi Trinity B3 Skatepark



Meaning have an English website here:  You can also find them in the usual places online.

Keep posted for more walks back through 2015.



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