December Countdown 2: A Skasome Year


Kemuri @ Studio Coast, 27 September 2015

You may have noticed that I tend to shot rock bands, metal bands – anything a bit screamy and clad in black, basically.  This year I got to branch out a bit and shoot something else.

Although ska-punk seems to have faded out of mainstream press in recent years to be replaced with pop-punk, the genre is still going strong in Japan, and that is partly down to bands like Kemuri.  This year, the Japanese ska-punk band with the mission of spreading “Positive Mental Attitude” celebrated their 20th anniversary by inviting over Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and Skankin’ Pickle (see the next post…) to play with them on a brief tour around Japan.  The bands all got together at the end of the show and grouped up according to instrument and had the chance to rock out together.


Members of Kemuri, Skankin Pickle and Reel Big Fish rocking out together.

I love a good Kemuri show – they should definitely be prescribed for bad days, for there’s nothing else that will get you smiling again so quickly that a couple of upbeat songs and venue full of fans going bonkers for them.  I actually got to see them twice this year, at the Fuji Rock Festival and at Studio Coast – check out the reports at the  links:

Fuji Rock 2015:

Studio Coast:




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