Trinity Roots @ Mount Main Beach, Dec. 31st 2015


I escaped the concrete and cold in December and ran off to New Zealand for an adventure or 3 and I, of course, took my camera with me.  I was mostly working on landscape photos as that’s not something I get much of a chance to do in Tokyo, a place where horizons only exist 50 floors up.  I bought a new lens for my NZ trip, and had been getting to grips with it and its little annoying habits (there’s a reason I managed to get it second-hand) during the trip, but I had yet to see how it dealt with a gig situation, so a show seeing in the new year provided the perfect no-pressure opportunity to test it out.

I met up with some friends for New Year at Mt Maunganui and they were stoked to be able to see Trinity Roots performing live and free of charge down on the pedestrianised beach-front.  I’ll admit, my knowledge of music from New Zealand extends to Lorde, Crowded House, Flight of the Conchords and The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, so I had no idea who we were going to see but all I was told was “they’re  a reggae band”.  That’s something of a generalisation, for while they do have that chilled out reggae vibe there was more a jazz element at work, especially when 30 minutes into their set singer Warren Maxwell announced their third song of the evening.  “We like to jam,” he quipped.  If you’re into bits of prog and jazz like me, where songs go on for about 2 days, this was exactly the kind of thing I could get into.

I should add that these photos I took from the crowd, most of whom were obliging enough to shuffle aside for me to grab some quick shots.  Thanks to the accommodating crowd and to Trinity Roots for a wonderful end to 2015.


Check out Trinity Roots’ Facebook page here.



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